Finding Affordable Section 8 Housing in Virginia

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December 13, 2017

Have  you fallen on hard times financially? It can sometimes be challenging  to find a safe and secure roof over your head for you and your family.  Have you thought about applying for Section 8 housing? It may be an  affordable option for you. Here are a few ways to get started.

Virginia’s Section 8 Housing Program

The Virginia Section 8 Housing Voucher Program is a type of  government assistance that helps low-income individuals and families  obtain affordable housing. If you live in Virginia, you’ll have to apply  in the county in which you reside in. You must meet eligibility  guidelines per your county and state and you must provide the necessary  proofs in order to obtain the voucher.

Do You Qualify? Understanding Section 8 Eligibility in Virginia

How do you know if you’ll qualify? One of the first things to  consider is if you fit in the proper income bracket. This is referred to  as income limits by HUD. For specific income limits that you must  follow for your household, check here. Your gross annual income must  fall below the average amount for your demographic area. A lot depends  on this including how many total household members you have living with  you currently and what their monthly income contribution is.

Applying for Section 8 Low-Income Housing In Virginia

Your first step in getting section 8 housing is to acquire a housing voucher. You can start by either applying online or contacting your local HUD section 8 specialist. They will help you  with obtaining a section 8 Housing Virginia application. Your specialist  will request that you bring the following proofs in order to help  process the application. This includes:

  • All record of employment and total income for each adult household member.
  • Past rental history and notices of eviction (if applicable)
  • Current place of residence proofs, including utility bills and rent deposits.
  • Personal identification such as driver’s license, social security card, and birth certificate.
  • Proof of legal residency.
  • Medical documents highlighting disability (if applicable)
  • Proof of all income with bank statements or records.

Having all of this information readily available within the requested date range will make the application process go smoothly.

Locating a Trustworthy Section 8 Landlord in Virginia 

Choosing a Virginia landlord that you can trust can be hard. There  are some that could take advantage of individuals with the hopes of  placing them in a rental unit right away or moving them ahead on the  waiting list. If your landlord asks for a large sum of money for a  deposit, be sure to check their references first. Ask if the funds are  refundable should you not get final approval to move in. Ask your  friends and neighbors who they recommend as a good landlord. Contact HUD directly for a list of reputable landlords that they work with.

Section 8 Housing Openings in Virginia

Once you’ve been approved for an HCV, or housing choice voucher,  you’ll want to make sure you can move into a rental unit that accepts  HUD section 8 assistance. Aside from open enrollment for the program,  many of the units that accept this payment assistance often have a  backlog of rental properties. The waiting list to get into a unit can be  extensive. If you are handicapped, disabled or elderly, you may go to  the top of the list. Ask the management about these special  considerations.

What’s a Section 8 Waiting List? 

You may have heard a lot about waiting lists to obtain an apartment,  but keep in mind that there is also a waiting list to receive your  voucher as well. This starts with open enrollment. At this time, the Richmond Section 8 waiting list is currently open. Keep in mind that there are preferences and priority to elderly persons and those with a disability. The Norfolk Section 8 waiting list is  currently closed. This means you can apply at any time, but your  application won’t be processed and completed until open enrollment  occurs.

Steps to Receiving Your Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher

Once you’ve met with the HUD staff and your application has been  processed, they will contact you when you’re finally approved. This will  depend on when applications are being accepted and the voucher is ready  for use. In conclusion, what are the basic steps for getting approved  and receiving your Section 8 housing voucher?

  • Gather all personal information and documents from all family members.
  • Bring original bank statements and proofs to your appointment date.
  • Fill out the application in person or online.
  • Accept the voucher and amount.
  • Locate a landlord and apartment to rent.

From there, you can move in, and pay your monthly responsibility of  the rent and utilities. The outcome is a safe and affordable living environment for you and your family.

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