Eligibility.com is Committed to the Following Principles

At Eligibility.com, we will always:

Focus on being an advocate on behalf of the customer above all else.

Explicitly maintain that we are a private company, and not a government agency. Reiterate our position as a private company in all customer communication and on all website pages.

Mandate that all of our customer communications are adjoined with compliant, up-to-date language that clearly states the privacy and rights of our customers and any information they share with Eligibility.com.

Maintain compliant policies and procedures that follow CAN-SPAM, the federal Do-Not-Call (DNC) List, and any and all TCPA and FTC guidelines.

Ensure that all opt-in forms for customers to share their contact information are clear and up-to-date, with TCPA compliant language that outlines our role as an advocate, our relationship with partners, and how the customer may be contacted.

Act and communicate with transparency, and full intention to abide not only to applicable Federal and State laws, but also to industry best practices for marketing communication and lead generation.

Maintain strict internal training and auditing procedures to ensure our workforce upholds these principles.

Provide transparency for our partners on how any customer information was collected, including the page, lead ID, referring URL, customer IP address, a timestamp, and the TCPA-compliant language used on any opt-in forms.

Provide transparency for our customers regarding how their information may be shared and with what partners, and that such information sharing only occurs with express consent from the customer.

Maintain a “How We are Financed” page explaining where Eligibility.com may receive compensation, while reiterating that no service or situation occurring directly with our company or website will ever cost a customer any money.

Remain an impartial third party in the relationship between an Eligibility.com site visitor or customer and our partners. When helping a customer with programs that may require an attorney, maintain that Eligibility.com does not give legal advice and does not endorse or recommend or any attorney.

Work with respected legal advisors to draft, maintain and advise our company on all the necessary steps to remain compliant with all that is shown above.

Treat our customers and our co-workers with respect, and to always put answering the customer’s questions at the forefront of our purpose as a website and company.