What Benefits Can You Expect If You’re Eligible for SNAP?

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February 19, 2016

The amount you receive each month in benefits is called your allotment. This is the amount of money being provided for you to buy food based on your income and household size. There is one formula used to determine your allotment.

First, there are predetermined maximum allotments a household can receive. These amounts are based solely on household size. The following table shows the current maximum amounts.

People in the household
Maximum Monthly Allotment
1 $194
2 $357
3 $511
4 $649
5 $771
6 $925
7 $1022
8 $1169
Each additional person $146

Another important factor is the actual amount of income taken into consideration for eligibility. It is expected that a household will spend roughly 30% of their net income on food during a month’s time. While this is not an exact figure and some households may regularly spend more or less than 30%, that is the standard used to figure eligibility.

Therefore, your net income is multiplied by 0.3 in order to come up with your 30% amount. That amount is then subtracted from the maximum monthly allotment allowed for your household size. The difference is what you get each month in benefits. Here are a few examples to demonstrate how this formula works.

Example 1: 

Family of 5

Net monthly income of $1800

$1800 x 0.3 = $540

Maximum allotment for a family of 5 = $771

$771 - $540 = $231

SNAP monthly allotment = $231

Example 2: 

Family of 7

Net monthly income of $2400

$2400 x 0.3 = $720

Maximum allotment for a family of 7 = $1022

$1022 - $720 = $302

SNAP monthly allotment = $302

Example 3:

Family of 4

Net monthly income of $2200

$2200 x 0.3 = $660

Maximum allotment for a family of 4 = $649

$649 - $660 = -$11

Although the difference is only off by $11, this family would not be approved for SNAP benefits.

Understanding the formula used to determine the monthly allotment can allow you to determine your own benefits amount assuming you are approved for SNAP. This is the same formula used regardless of which state you live in.

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