Loans That May Be Consolidated Under the Direct Consolidation Loan Program

Calendar Icon Updated January 15, 2019

If you are thinking about consolidating your federal student loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan, the good news is that virtually all federal student loans are eligible for this program.

Private student loans, on the other hand, cannot be included in a federal Direct Consolidation Loan. (A private student loan is a loan that is made by a private party, such as a bank, that is not guaranteed by the federal government.)

Federal Student Loans That Can Be Consolidated

Specifically, it is possible to consolidate the following federal student loans into a Direct Consolidation Loan:

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Restrictions on Federal Direct Consolidation Loans

While it’s true that most federal student loans can be consolidated under this program, there are a few restrictions. For example:

  • Married couples aren’t allowed to consolidate their separate loans into in one, shared Direct Consolidation Loan. (In past years, it was possible for married couples to consolidate their loans together. Also, if you already have an existing joint consolidation loan, you cannot consolidate it under this program.)
  • PLUS loans that are made to the parent of a dependent student cannot be passed to the student through a Direct Consolidation Loan. (Basically, this means that a student who applies for a Direct Consolidation Loan cannot include a PLUS loan taken out by his or her parent in the Direct Consolidation Loan.)
  • If you defaulted on a federal student loan and there is a court judgment against you on that loan, the loan cannot be part of the consolidation—unless a court vacates the judgment.
  • If you defaulted on a federal student loan and there is now an order for wage garnishment in place because of that loan, the loan cannot be included in the consolidation—unless the order is lifted.

Where You Can Go to Find Out Which Type of Loans You Have

If you don’t know what type of federal student loans you have, you can access information about them at the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) at This is the Department of Education’s main database for student aid.

In order to get information about your federal student loans from this website, you will need a Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID (which is a username and password). To apply for your FSA ID, if you don’t already have one, go to and click on “Create An FSA ID.” You can also call 1-800-557-7394 to get assistance with this. Further information is available at or

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