Study: Medicare Penalties Costing Many Enrollees Up to $5,000*

Calendar Icon Updated January 18, 2019

Medicare Enrollment Penalty Study*, published April 11th.

After hearing about the confusion so many Medicare eligible people have about enrolling in Medicare, we set out to find out the true effect of that confusion. Our key findings include:

  1. A 67-year-old who faces a Part B penalty will pay over $5,000 in lifetime penalties.
  2. Over 700,000 were paying Part B penalties in 2012. That number is likely much higher in 2016.
  3. Confusion over how to enroll, when to enroll, and which plan to choose is the main cause of these penalties – not choice.

Want to know more? The 11-page study is available for free download below.

Use our Medicare Penalty Tool to easily see the effect of these penalties.

Not ready to read an 11 page study? Or simply want to play around to see how these penalties affect beneficiaries of different ages?

We built this simple tool to accompany our study. Begin by entering a birthdate and gender and click next. In 3 steps, the tool determines the Monthly and Lifetime penalty for missing enrollment to Medicare’s part B.

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Kyle Stapp

As Program Director of, Kyle researches and publishes insights on government programs and their effect on everyday people.  He oversees the educational centers inside and works daily with program applicants to answer their questions.  His programs include Medicare, Unemployment, and more.

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