Medicare Advantage in Louisiana

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If you’re eligible for Medicare, you have two options for receiving your benefits: Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Enrolling in Medicare Advantage allows you to receive your benefits in one comprehensive plan, much like health plans that employers sponsor for their employees. 

In Louisiana, seven insurance companies offer Medicare Advantage plans,1 and a total of 51 plans are available in the state.2 How many plans you have access to depends on where you live in Louisiana. Across the state, 38% of Medicare beneficiaries have enrolled in Medicare Advantage.3

Medicare Advantage plan benefits

Medicare Advantage plans cover everything Original Medicare (Parts A and B) covers, but many Medicare Advantage plans in Louisiana pay for a lot more. These are a few of the most common extra benefits covered by Medicare Advantage plans:4

If you have a chronic illness in Louisiana, you may also be able to buy a Medicare Advantage plan that covers other services that could improve your well-being, such as meal delivery, non-medical transportation, home modifications, and air conditioners.5

Medicare Advantage plan costs in Louisiana

How much you’ll pay for a Medicare Advantage plan in Louisiana depends on the part of the state you live in and the plan you choose. But the average monthly premium for a Medicare Advantage plan in Louisiana is less than $45.

Average annual cost $6,797.22
Average monthly premium $43.02
Average drug deductible $209.57
Annual max out-of-pocket $4,744

Table created from data at Data as of 6/2/2020.

Medicare Advantage insurers in Louisiana

The following seven insurance companies sell Medicare Advantage plans in Louisiana:

  • Lasso Healthcare
  • Vantage Health Plan
  • Wellcare

Top-rated Medicare Advantage providers

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The average Star Rating for Medicare Advantage plans in Louisiana is between 4 and 4.5. However, people in most counties are enrolled in 3- or 3.5-star plans. There are no 5-star plans in Louisiana.6

The Medicare Star Rating is used by the CMS to help beneficiaries find the right plan for them. Plans are rated on up to 45 quality and performance measurements, on a scale from 1 to 5, then averaged to form an overall star rating.7

Find the Medicare Advantage plan that fits you best

Low premiums
Must stay in-network
Must choose a primary care physician
Referrals required to see a specialist
More expensive premiums
Can go out-of-network at a higher cost
May or may not choose a primary care physician
No referrals needed to see specialists
Typically a smaller network with local PPO
Larger network with regional PPO

HMOs are the most common type of plan in Louisiana, with 31 options available. Residents could see up to 17 local PPO options with networks limited to cities or parishes and three regional PPOs with more extensive networks.8

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