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Many of the government benefit programs that we cover on require citizens to contact or attend a court hearing in their county. Whether you are appealing for Social Security Disability Benefits, or trying to get a criminal record expunged, you will have to deal with the court with proper jurisdiction.

You may also need to pay city, county, or local property taxes, or to appear at a court date due to a traffic incident. 

We realize that you need information about the courts – including contact information, a link to their website, the respective court’s hours, and driving directions.

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What is a Clerk of Courts? 

The clerk of courts serves the court they are assigned to and oversees the records and functions of the court.  Many people first hear of a “clerk of court” when they have to interact with the local government to pay a fine, pay child support, or work with county records.  Probate cases are another common reason that citizens will seek out their local clerk of courts.  

The person who serves as clerk of court is often an elected official who serves a term in their county of jurisdiction.  Clerk of courts often have several physical office locations.  Because several services that pass through the court are official records, you may need to physically visit a court location.  You can often find the address and directions to your local clerk of court on the clerk of court’s website.

What is a Superior Court? What is a Circuit Court?

In the most simple terms, a “Superior Court” is a court that is higher up than the lower courts in its jurisdiction.  Superior courts hear cases that involve monetary amounts above the limit placed on lower courts.  A superior court may also hear appeal cases that are unresolved from other courts.  Many citizens end up interacting with a superior court for legal cases that include family law, criminal cases, probate, revenue recovery and and some traffic tickets.  Superior courts are often state trial courts that hear cases criminal and non-criminal in nature.  Superior courts are also often made up of a series of individual courts that all remain under the jurisdiction of the superior court.

A “Circuit Court” is a court of general jurisdiction that typically includes an area of several cities or counties.  Circuit courts hear cases of an inferior nature when compared to the higher superior courts, which can take appeals.  What does a circuit court do?  Circuit courts can hear cases of a wide variety, including family court, drug court, probate and small claims.

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